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Bridge, tunnel. bridge, tunnel, tunnel, bridge, BRIDE!

October 6, 2019

 Stencilled graffiti states "Refugees Welcome"



The plan was to move from Zaurautz to Tordesillas, but while we were sitting in the bar with Andrea, Emma, one of our travelling companions, stuck her head in and said the plan had changed and we were now going to Burgos.  The camp site at Tordesillas is alongside a river and so the worry was that we would be devoured by mosquitoes.


The first part of the journey from Zaurautz is one of my favourite trips.  The motorway takes you through the mountains on the Basque Country.  Bridges span deep valleys between tunnels through the mountainous terrain.  At one point you can look down, if you dare, and see two other roads and a rail tack beneath you.  I always say that we need to spend some time exploring the region.


The journey to Burgos was uneventful, with only one toll to pay now that we have left France.  The motorways are still smooth and well maintained and used by, on the whole, courteous drivers.  On reaching the city we decided to call in at a Mercadona first to stock up on food.  There was a height barrier on the car park, so I decided to risk it - slowly.  The roof above the cab just brushed the bottom of the plastic sign.  Unfortunately I realised that the one on the exit was lower than the entrance.  Jim’s van, which is at least a foot lower than ours, only just fitted under.  I followed the carpark to the end and found a narrow road that led to a service entrance - with no barrier.




The campsite was very nice, plenty of grassy pitches and modern, clean facilities.  It also had the most polite man on reception, who’s command of English was better than many Brits.  In front of the site, stretching towards the city, was parkland, bounded by woodland, with footpaths and cycleways running beside a river.  There was also a large, man made beach beside the river.  This was perfect for walking Kelsey, but when leaving for her second excursion we were surprised to find a wedding party at the entrance to the campsite.  Despite the temperature the bride looked cool and serene as they walked towards the open topped, vintage car.



it would have been nice to cycle into the city, but after driving over 1400 miles I was in more need of a rest.  Still have two more days of driving to come.





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