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The Village of the Damned (well almost)

October 4, 2019










La Ville Aux Dames.


The second long days’ drive in a row, from Kent to Tours, via the Channel Tunnel.  It always surprises me how easy it is to use the tunnel, especially compared to flying.  The only draw back today was when we arrived early our friends where able to get on an earlier train, but the touch screen I used wouldn’t let me.  Just meant a thirty minute wait in the car park.  


Driving through France is so stress free, the motorways are mainly quiet and the road surface is excellent.  It amused me that yesterday my FitBit exercise tracker credited me with the 250 steps target every hour, despite the fact I was driving.  Today I didn’t get any of the hours of exercise.  All I ca think was that avoiding all of the pot holes in British roads was read as a walking movement by the tracker.  In total we paid 98.50 € in tolls for over 300 miles of driving.  Pretty good value compared to the M6 Toll road.


The campsite that we stayed on was Les Acacias in La Ville Aux Dames, near Tours.  The campsite is separated from the river Loire by a road and a wooded parkland so ideal for the dog.  Its a shame that we only spend one night here in good weather, but intend, like last year, to spend a few nights here in December, on our way home.

Caves alongside the Loire.

Loire sunset.

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