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Mata de Conceicao

February 4, 2019

One of the advantages of riding a motorcycle is how easy it is to explore new places. One of the advantages of riding a small motorcycle is that you concentrate on the places that you pass through, and not on your riding technique.  This was one of my days of exploration.  I had decided to see what lay beyond Tavira.  Once passed the town I came across signs for Mata de Conceicao, which had a graphic of pine trees  so I decided to follow them.  I had in the back of my mind a conversation that I had recently had with a friend of a friend who had been living near Fuzeta for ten years.  He was describing places I could visit, one of which lay between Tavira and the border.  I also recalled him saying that I shouldn't use the first road as it was little more than a dirt track.  This was that road.



My little Chinese 125 coped with it well, weaving with ease around all of the pot holes in the track. Eventually the road took me to a T junction, which turning left took me through the picturesque village of Santa Lucia.  The narrow road passed through the village and crossed the A22 motorway.  Shortly after this the signs took me to a car park.


On entering the park the first thing you find is an adventure play area and an observation tower with BBQs at the base.  Once past these you are into a forrest of coastal pines with well defined paths and tracks throughout, plus a small lake.  I had an enjoyable couple of hours wandering around, but photographically it was a little repetitive.  There is only so much you can do in an area of similar trees on a bright, sunny day.  It is the sort of place that would be great in the mist.






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