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January 13, 2019


Olhao is the closest big town to Fuseta. On the advice from Roger, a resident of Fuseta for ten years, I checked the map and saw a nature reserve in what looked like walking distance from the town.  After finding a parking space for my little 125 bike, which is easy in Spain and Portugal as most towns have plenty of dedicated spaces, I set off to explore the town.  Its quite a pretty little town with plenty of squares, narrow shopping streets and a lively river/sea front with markets and parks.


 Each town seems keen to celebrate its historical figures, many are very modern.  I assume when your country has been through the conflicts that Portugal has lived through in living memory, then you want to celebrate the people involved.


 What came first the trees or the building?  Often the trees, particularly olive trees, are older than the buildings around them.

 I must admit to not knowing this species of tree, such a strange trunk.  This image seemed to sum up this part of Portugal for me.  A mix of old and modern that seems to sit in harmony.

 Welcome shade found walking through the modern industrial park.


I followed Google Maps around the harbour, through an industrial park and a residential area to the nature reserve.  Access was down a short lane, past an office building and through large gates.  It quickly became apparent, from the layout and buildings, that this was in fact an old camp site.  Most of the park consisted on the normal coastal pines, being allowed to grow in a relatively unmanaged manner.  The emphasis seemed to be bird watching, with a visitor centre providing guides to visitors.  A large map on a notice board showed that the park also stretched out into the Ria Formosa, so included coast and river environments as well.  The woodland section was quite small but was a pleasant walk with some interesting trees. 



I returned to the bike via a different route through housing developments which consisted of mainly flats built around large grass areas.


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