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Torre del Mar - Black and White

November 27, 2018

The beach at Torre del Mar is four kilometres long and is bounded by a wide esplanade with a good variety of trees planted for shade and decoration. This, combined with the many cafes, restaurants and bars, plus numerous fountains and monuments make it an interesting place in the quiet season. A 3.2 kilometre running surface has been create the length of the main part of the beach, which is supported by instructional signs for suggested stretches.  There are also fitness areas for children, pensioners and the ‘Viking’ workout area.  It would seem the inhabitants take their lifestyle very seriously.


It was here that I first stated to realise that I should consider shooting colour, the previous posts are the result of re-editing my work.  As a result the two weeks that I spent here I produced two distinct sets of work.  This post concentrates on my black and white output.


I think I was feeling a little Baltzian on this day.  This was at the entrance to the campsite.  I was attracted to the contrasting forms of the palm trees and the hotel, which where then both mimicked by the car cover.

 The aged plasterwork seemed sympathetic to the gnarled tree trunk, both in competition with the geometry of the new.


 I saw these two trees in the grounds of a rather stately looking building in the town.  It had the looks of an embassy or similar and was obviously old.  My compositions were hindered by the metal railings that surrounded it.  I must have amused passers by as I pushed my lens through them at various intervals.

 I was struck by the shape of the wall in this driveway, an interesting break to the normal angular lines.  The wall was painted an ochre colour which totally changes the mood of the image in colour.

 I like working with diagonals, especially when presented with geometric shapes.  This had to be edited in black and white as the graffiti is bright blue.

 One of the shaded walk ways in the town.  The very light bark looks as if it is scarred by generations of pocket knives, but is totally natural.

 The esplanade is punctuated with small areas of parkland.  These give welcome shade and also produce these pools of sunlight surrounding the less dense trees.

 This apartment block was painted red, so black and white was the only possibility.

The end of Torre del Mar, and the increasing development will eventually merge it with the neighbouring town of Caleta de Velez. 


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