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Valdevaqueros, Tarifa

November 11, 2018

Valdevaqueros is a small village near to Tarifa, and was our next stop. This was just a short visit, only two nights. We arrived with thunderstorms and left with them, but the time in between was hot and sunny.  The area is well known for kite and wind surfing with strong, clean winds a regular feature.  The coast of Africa is clearly visible and I was surprised at the size of the mountains of Tangiers.


This was a great place to visit, and I will be returning, but is best suited to watersports and the essential beach bars.  As a result of the winds most trees in the area that we were staying are small and more shrub like.  The hills behind the campsite are apparently part of one of the many ‘Natural Parks’, so these could be worth exploring.


 Dawn of the second day presented the best light to work in.  The warm tones spread down from the hill to eventually engulf the beach.  This gave me about thirty minutes to work in.  Once the sun was up the location lost all clarity as there was very little defined shade on either beach or hills.

 The trees have all been kept dwarfed by the strong winds, which meant that rounded, quite dense growth was the result.  I tried to reflect the forms and textures of the hills in the background by using the low light to give some shape to the shrubs.

 There was very little to work with here, and very little time to shoot in but the low, dawn light brought out the minimal texture in the subject.  Shortly after shooting the hills disappeared behind the haze of evaporating rainfall from the previous day and all texture was lost from the foreground.


Walking back along the lane to the campsite I came across this image.  The small eucalyptus is growing in the shelter of one of the dense shrubs.  The contrasting tones and textures attracted me to it, along with the strong diagonal form.


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