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November 7, 2018

Zahora was our next port of call.  It is close to Trafalgar and our friend Emma was born on trafalgar day, so she wanted to visit. The village had a laid back feel to it, reflected by the people that lived there. There also seemed to be a lot of holiday property there, so plenty of high walls and closed gates.  The village didn’t see to have a natural centre, a few bars and restaurants, and then the beach.  There was no real areas of woodland here so my choice of subject matter had to be adapted.

The side of one of the rental bungalows on the camp site.  When I was in London a few months back I decided to just react to tree related subjects, this included the use of shadows.  this subject reminded me of that, but the warm tones are at direct odds to the images from London.  this reflects my changing viewpoint.


Walking to the beach from the conifer filled site was down narrow lanes, bordered by high walls.  Trees were plentiful, but were behind mainly these walls.  It raised a few compositional challenges and certainly made me consider man made structures for the first time.



 The late afternoon sun gave the opportunity for exploring the pools of light created by the buildings.  The cool, angular structures give way to the warmer, organic forms which also determine the nature of the areas of light.  The two elements to this image conflict and create a tension that is reinforced by the sunlight.


 The organic has been tamed in an enclosure while the reverse of the signs echo the shapes of the dominant pine trees.


 The barriers that have been created to enclosed property increase the sense of conflict between the man made and the organic.  The sunlight emphasises the differing textures which adds to the sense of division.









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