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November 1, 2018

Tordesillas was our second Spanish stop over.  This lovely medieval town is on the banks of the Duoro river and has a history of its own version of bull fighting. The fight against a five year old bull was banned after extensive complaints from animal rights protestors, which the town still isn’t happy about.  A statue of a magnificent bull greets you as you cross the bridge from the campsite into the town.  I keep discovering these places that I want to return to, this was another one.  Our brief visit didn’t leave much scope for exploration, or work.  




The site was on the banks of the river and was surrounded by mainly scrub land, rather than woodland.  There was a small area near the bridge with mature trees, and a beach for the dog to play on.  Again I worked on the CWD, sticking to the square format that I am comfortable with.  I am, however, getting increasingly dissatisfied with my output.  The aim of the trip was to find new inspiration, but I seem to be trying to transfer my shooting style from the UK to Spain.  Maybe it is because the time spent at each location is very brief?  Maybe I need to spend longer getting to know the area, I’m not sure.  I think the amount of time spent driving may also be taking its toll.



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