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October 26, 2018



Zarautz was our first stop in Spain.  It lies on the coast in the Basque Country between San Sebastian and Bilbao.  The site was on top of a hill overlooking the town and the large surfers beach.  Sadly we just spent one night so we weren’t able to spend a great deal of time exploring.  The images are restricted to the area around the campsite.  We intend to return to the location to spend more time doing some justice to the spectacular landscapes of the Basque Country.


I continued to use the Hasselblad CWD with the 80mm lens and 16 megapixel back.  The light is much more intense now which I can already see is changing how I react to the subject matter.  Working in more open areas the patches of light now dominate the dark, also it is getting harder to control the contrast.  Different textures are starting to feature strongly in the images, more reflective surfaces than rough ones.


Leaving the area we travelled on some spectacular roads.  It seemed that we were almost constantly either in a tunnel or on a high bridge.  The landscape is dramatic, with high peaks and deep valleys.  My friend Andrea, who is from Bilbao, has always said that I need to visit the Basque Country, I can see why she feels I would be happy working there.  An longer visit needs to be planned.









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