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Extending the dark side.

February 9, 2018

My original intension was to use the small darkroom for colour, but colour printing is one of my pet hates.  When I set up the sink and the enlarger bench it all felt too cramped.  As a result it wasn't getting used and was turning into a store room.  First task was to make some space, so the enlargers came out, plus the 5x4 Envoy stored in there.  I listed them on eBay and at this time two out of three of them have sold, plus my dead Epson large format printer.  I moved the film washing sink to the far end of the room and created a low, narrow worktop for the deep tanks, so now there is an easy to use large format processing station.  The shelves from above the sink were cleared and moved to the other side of the room.  This has freed the sink for not only film processing, but for bleaching and toning prints.  I varnished a sheet of plywood, that I will cover in acetate, which sits at an angle at one end of the sink for selective bleaching of prints.  I added two taps, a third to come when I get to buy it, over the sink.  Safe lights have been fitted for colour paper, orthochromatic and panchromatic emulsions.  Excessive amounts of expanding foam have light sealed all of the edges so all I need to do now is to get the 10x8s that I shot last week and get processing.







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