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More Workshops at Purlieu

January 25, 2018

 With the increasing demand for the current darkroom workshop I have decided to add two additional, more specialised days.  The first is an introduction to black and white photography.  On this full days workshop you will expose a roll of either 35mm or medium format film, giving you the chance to try out either film for the first time or a new format.  You will then process this film before breaking for lunch.  The afternoon session entails producing a contact print, from which you will select images to produce 10x8 inch prints from.  All materials are provided, as is tea and coffee, but you need to bring your own lunch.


 The second workshop is aimed at those who have already printed on resin coated paper and want to move on the the next stage.  The full days workshop uses chlorobromide, fibre based papers. which have a higher silver content so giving richer blacks and a longer tonal range.  You will learn split grade printing, along with any necessary dodging and burning.  You will. then be taught how to modify tones using bleaching solutions, followed by archival toning.  All chemicals and papers are provided, as is tea and coffee, but as with other workshops you will need to bring your own lunch.


The price for these workshops remains at the introductory price of £100.  If you wish to bring a friend the second place can be offered at the discounted price of £65. I will be adding more workshops in the spring, such as shooting and contact printing paper negatives and additional historical processes.




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