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November 29, 2017

It's Wednesday again so Tim is with me on placement.  The plan for today was salt printing so first task was to coat the paper with sodium chloride, photographically pure salt.  While the sheets were drying I decided it was a good opportunity for us to shoot some 5x4 on location.  I've not really used this format since moving studio so I needed to sort the film holders out anyway.  I checked the ones in my camera bag and made sure they were loaded with film, Fomapan 100.  One had a different film in, so by checking the notches found out it was outdated Fuji 64T ( I have half a fridge full of this).  I decided to load a box of this to take out with us.


The idea was to introduce Tim to multi exposure on large format.  I much prefer to shoot on film for this, I think that when I shoot digital and see the results instantly I change my methods based on the image on the screen.  With film, and the resultant wait for the image, there is a greater element of chance.  Using the 64T, in daylight with no filtration, added another rouge element to the proceedings.  I would normally use tungsten film for long exposures, but would employ a series of filters to correct the colour.


On returning to the studio Tim coated the paper with silver nitrate while I prepared the E6 chemistry.  Most of the afternoon was taken up with processing both the E6 and the black and white films, so the salt prints will have to wait.  Here are a couple of the 64T images, as you can see the colour values are different, but I think this may be worth pursuing.  This wooded area might become the location for my next project, possibly on 64T, I will have to see how the B&W printing goes.  Either way it will be nice to work on a project that is only a few minutes walk from the studio.





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