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Let there be light.

August 24, 2017

The last week has seemed slow, no dramatic changes, just a regular slog through a list of jobs.  One of the biggest ‘niggles’ is the lighting.  I mentioned before that this place used to be a club, so apart from the entrance switch, all of then light switches were in the old DJ booth.  Initially this was ok as the entrance was opposite a window, but after moving the entrance to the other end it meant trying to find them in the dark.  This was exacerbated when I built a short stud wall, with a doorway, by the kitchen.  This forms a single entrance to the darkrooms, and created a print washing area between them.  I added a safelight in the main darkroom and the print washing area, plus a white light on a pull with in the film processing area.  These I wired into the circuit controlled from the with by the entrance.  So lighting in every room from one switch.


Trying to work out the wiring was certainly interesting.  The bathroom lights were on the same circuit as the downlighters in the old DJ booth.  This would have meant that when anyone used the bathroom the white lights would have come on int the film processing / colour darkroom.   I disconnected this section of the circuit and moved the switch, along with the one for the kitchen to the new wall, so now at the entrance to both the darkrooms and the kitchen.





The next circuit to sort out was the fluorescent lights.  Personally I hate this lighting.  I had already removed two fittings that caused problems for the darkroom and moved a third that was in the way of other alterations.  I decided to leave the one in the kitchen, for now, and I removed the one from the gallery / studio space.  This had a black light tube still fitted. I rewired this circuit and included some of the existing spot lighting, plus two runs of LED spots that I fitted to illuminate the walls.  I still need to add some spots to the wall facing the entrance.  These are also operated from a switch on the new wall.



Finally the tedious job of painting the conduits that I used for the spots; white pipes on a black ceiling didn't look right.  In addition there are strips of foam cored, double sided tape on the ceiling.  I don’t know if you have ever tried removing this stuff, but it is a real pain!  I decided to paint over this as well.  I’m not sure if I will leave the ceiling black, but it is quite low on my list of priorities at the moment.



I’m getting there, but the studio / gallery space still looks like a building site.



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