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John Kiely

Photographer @ Purlieu Photography

I am a landscape photographer living in the North West of England.  My main interest is man's historical industrial and domestic interaction with the landscape.  This includes 'Forest Nation', in which I explore the forest environment relating it to the myths and legends that develop our reactions to these locations.   New projects include 'Homestead'  where I visit the locations on Ordinance Survey maps that are marked as Homestead, Hut Circle, etc.  There is often no instantly recognisable traces of the remains of man in these locations, so the viewer is invited to visually explore the image looking for the clues of habitation.  In 'Once There Were Men' the ritualistic remains of industry are more obvious.


My work has been exhibited widely and I have been featured in several books and publications.  I have several books of my work available through either this site or on-line sellers such as Amazon.